Integrating Audio, Video, and Discussion Boards with Course Notes

As a biostatistics teacher I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about inverting the classroom and adding multimedia content. My first thought was to create YouTube videos corresponding to sections in my lecture notes. This typically entails recording the computer screen while going through slides, adding a voiceover. I realized that the maintenance of such videos is difficult, and this also creates a barrier to adding new content. In addition, the quality of the video image is lower than just having the student use a pdf viewer on the original notes.

Interactive Statistical Graphics: Showing More By Showing Less

Version 4 of the R Hmisc package and version 5 of the R rms package interfaces with interactive plotly graphics, which is an interface to the D3 javascript graphics library. This allows various results of statistical analyses to be viewed interactively, with pre-programmed drill-down information. More examples will be added here. We start with a video showing a new way to display survival curves.